ACM Code Architect @ 2016

-An Intra-College Coding Contest

Join us on 28-12-2016.
• it's an open contest & no matter which branch a contestant is of as long as she/he is a student of our college, she/he can take part in this event.
What: It’s a coding challenge – we named it as Code Architect. All U have to do is to code.
• It’s gonna be organized in an amazing platform - “Hacker Rank”
Its an amazing online coding website where you can instantly practice coding for free on
various domains, You can apply for a job showcasing ur coding achievements on that website, You can also win money by winning competitions on hacker Rank. All in one. Great isn’t it !
1. 12 lakh students are graduating every year but only 2 % of them are employable which means that only 24 k students are eligible for job.
2. What makes a CS student fit for a job? Apart from all the soft skills, You need to have
programming skills. Many companies have this complaint about PVPSIT that our students lacks the programming skills. 3. This contest is to encourage students towards programming and bring the future programmers out who has been hiding all these semesters.
4. Internet Of Things brought a new motto with it, “A person who needs code shall try developing one’s own code”. So, these days most ECE, EEE & ME students are making codes of their own.
5. So for this purpose, we all need to start coding at some point in life. So, we can assure you that this contest could be a beginning of new way of coding life.
6. Most people get afraid to code, this contest erases that fear from your minds.
7. Most people also feel that coding is not our cup of tea . So those get really really benefitted out of this.
• In order to become a code architect first you have to register for the contest
• By clicking on that you’ll be redirected to a registration form where you have to fill in details
• We are charging a nominal fee of 50 rupees

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