Prestigious ACM distinguished speakers program is here.

Prestigious ACM distinguished speakers program connects internationally reputed speakers from all around the world to the budding minds. Here at PVP SIDDHARTHA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ACM SUDENT CHAPTER is really glad to bring this to our campus.


speaker1:lynn gangit

Lynn Langit is linguist who has been working with data for 15 years. She’s published 3 books on SQL Server Business Intelligence and has most recently worked with the SQL Azure team at Microsoft. In Oct 2011, Lynn left Microsoft to work as a voice in the Big Data frontier. She is analyzing and writing about the state of data in the cloud in her new blog, and is also teaching and building big data solutions.

Lynn's educational background includes a degree in German Language from Minnesota State University and study abroad in Ingolstadt, West Germany. Also she has been a certified technical trainer for over 10 years. She holds the following industry certifications: MCP, MCT, MSF, MSCD, MCAD, MCDBA for SQL Server and CCDH for Cloudera Hadoop. Lynn is the author of 3 books on implementing data warehousing with SQL Server. Her latest book is 'Building Smart Business Intelligence Solutions with SQL Server 2008. Lynn has spoken on data solutions for many years across the US and in Europe, Asia, and Africa. She has been recognized for her community contributions by Google. She is a Google Developer Expert (

Lynn is co-founder of 'Teaching Kids Programming' a global non-profit which develops courseware, trains technology teachers and implements events to introduce children ages 10 and up to programming. More information at She has been an invited speaker on this topic to the International Computer Science Teachers annual conference in 2011, Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing in 2008, International Agile Programming conference in 2011, 2012 and many other international conferences.


speaker2:llewellyn falco

Llewellyn Falco is a technical instructor and contract programmer. He is the creator of the open source testing tool ApprovalTests. Over the years Llewellyn has contracted with many companies, both to improve their exist technical agile practices, and help their developers get their legacy systems under control, releasing frequently and on the path to high maintainability. Llewellyn is an expert in unit testing, both teaching and working in all of these languages: C#, VB.Net, Java, Ruby, C++, C, B6, PHP and others.

Llewellyn is also a sought-after international speaker on following topics: Agile, TDD, Legacy Code, Unit Testing, Software Patterns & Craftsmanship. He has spoken at TechEd, DevTeach, OsCon, Agile2012, Better Software Conference. Llewellyn is also the Development Track Lead for Agile2012. He blogs at

Llewellyn is the co-founder of the US non-profit Teaching Kids Programming which is part of the MONA Foundation. Through this volunteer work Llewellyn has created an open source courseware library in multiple languages, to introduce kids 10 and up to the wonders of computer programming. Llewellyn is the son of a university professor, and game designer (Set, Quiddler) his first family computer was a Dec PDP11 mainframe, which he started programming Fortran on at age 11.


Students from various colleges have attended the program and have immensely benefited by the lectures.Madam Lynn was exceptional with her demonstartion on the various big data tools and big data concepts. Sir Falco have demonstrated test driven tools and agile practices and it was highly informative.All the presentations were closely observed by media partners, lecturers and professional enthusiasts.