Midwest Is A Growing Hot Spot For Tech Jobs

According to technology association CompTIA, the highest tech employment growth can be found in places like Kansas City (Missouri), Memphis and Detroit. In general, the Midwest is turning into a growing hot spot for tech jobs, especially for jobs requiring cybersecurity skills or Internet of Things skills. Based on research detailed in the organization~s 2017 Cyberstates report, it appears that tech jobs are thriving nationwide, especially in areas that have embraced entrepreneurship and have put in place a solid broadband infrastructure.

Here's What Recruiters Are Really Looking For With Your Resume

A top recruiter offers insights on how to create the perfect resume that will attract the attention of a hiring manager and differentiate you from the rest of the other applications. It~s important to keep in mind that there isn~t one acceptable format or approach to creating an awesome resume. There are, however, a few key strategies that can make your resume more effectively do what you intend it to: catch someone~s eye, clearly communicate your qualifications, and help move you on to the next stage of the hiring process. You~re selling yourself and the value you can bring to an organization. Above all, your resume should offer a clear, concise marketing message.

Why AI Careers Can Start With a Degree In Linguistics

Companies in the AI industry are turning to those with linguistic backgrounds to help aid in things like product development and customer service, and that~s leading to increased demand for recent graduates with a linguistics degree. Linguistics is important to better understand users and how they~re communicating with a company. There are also applications in voice recognition, search and automatic language translation. And the good news is that, it~s not necessary to have hardcore technical or programming skills. Often, these skills are trained or taught on-the-job. Obviously, if you have linguistics and programming skills, that~s the best possible combination.

Career Advice: Moving Into DevOps

IT workers thinking of moving into DevOps should have general knowledge of the overall technology landscape, as well as specialized knowledge about software development, systems integration and operations. However, there is still no industry-accepted definition of what a DevOps engineer does. Rather, DevOps is an approach to develop and deploy the highest-quality software possible, with the goal of achieving continuous customer satisfaction. If you already have experience in programming, you should first develop your infrastructure knowledge, including virtualization, the cloud, networking, load balancing and platforms. Second, you should learn about application life cycle processes such as source code management, test and problem management, configuration management, orchestration and deployment, and monitoring.

3 Tips To Spot a Fraud Coding Bootcamp and Choose the Right One

Coding bootcamps have increased in popularity across the nation, with thousands of people flocking to these schools each year, to gain the skills needed for high-paying jobs in the tech field. However, bootcamps are not accredited institutions of higher education, and some have been accused of making false claims about the number of students that are placed in jobs after graduation. With that in mind, the National Consumers League (NCL) recently launched a website and consumer-friendly guide to help people identify fraudulent coding bootcamp job placement claims, and choose the best education option. It~s become exceptionally common to see bootcamps boasting job placement rates of well over 90% with guaranteed high incomes upon graduation, but not all of them are able to follow through on these claims.

Is It Really That Hard to Find Great Employees?

The hiring process can be difficult to navigate for many IT companies, both in terms of attracting the right types of candidates and in getting the best candidate to accept an offer of employment. Unfortunately, there can be breakdowns at any stage of the hiring process. Even a single breakdown can be enough to prevent you from hiring the candidate you want to hire. If your hiring process has multiple breakdowns, then the chances of finding good employees is greatly diminished. The starting point for most companies should be writing clear job postings, since unclear requirements lead to unqualified candidates.

Bill Gates Tells College Students What Careers He'd Pursue Today

Microsoft~s Bill Gates recently tweeted out a stream of advice for new college graduates, suggesting that AI, energy, and biosciences are promising fields where they could make a huge impact. In addition, Gates reflected on lessons learned in his tech career. He also emphasized the need for the tech sector to address the inequities in the world, both on a local and global basis.

Why Today's Job Candidates Want a Smart Workspace

A business is a living entity, and if it is not constantly creating new dynamic opportunities, job candidates won~t want to work there. As a result, there is a new focus on creating a smart workspace that is dynamic and flexible and can be molded to fit the needs of its workers. It exudes energy and makes job candidates want to be a part of it. As smart technology becomes intertwined with nearly every aspect of our lives, it is naive to expect job candidates not to require some level of smartness in the workplace; after all, adults spend, on average, nearly a third of their week working. In short, being able to offer a smart workspace is a necessary part of the recruiting message.

Older Adults Learning Computer Programming: Motivations, Frustrations, and Design Opportunities

There is now tremendous momentum behind initiatives to teach computer programming to a broad audience, yet many of these efforts target the youngest members of society: K-12 and college students. However, there is also demand at the other end of the age spectrum: older adults aged 60 and over who are now learning to code. There has been extensive research on how older adults consume technology, and some studies of how they curate and produce digital content, but so far nobody has yet studied how older adults learn to produce new technologies via computer programming. The starting point for discovering older adults~ motivations and frustrations when learning to code was a 10-question online survey.

Conversations with Technology Leaders: Erik Meijer

In a wide-ranging interview, Dutch computer scientist and entrepreneur Erik Meijer shares some lessons about working in the tech sector and become a leader. As he points out, being a great developer is hard. It requires constant learning and a passion for technology and science. The same thing is true for great technical leaders. There are a lot of important lessons, but perhaps the most important one of all is always to be pushing yourself. It~s also important to learn how to work smarter, such as by using better tools or better systems. Whether you are a leader, a programmer, or just someone aspiring to be better, there are some smart takeaways from this conversation that will help you grow in your role.